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Terms & FAQ

Tattoo 4 easy Step
Step 1 ­:
Please WhatsApp to let's us know your idea/picture as a reference.
Step 2 ­:
We will  first update you the pricing following the design detail you request and the sizes you prefer.
Step 3 ­:
Let's us know the available date/time for your tattoo appointment. We will reserve the slot for you after the deposit payment.


Step 4 ­:

Enjoy your Tattooing on your appointment date! 
Step 5 ­:
Pay for the Balance(Cash or Bank transfer only) once the awesome Tattoo done.



Take note :

  • Serious diabetes, HIV, AIDS, heart disease, epilepsy, skin diseases, etc. It would not be appropriate patient tattoos, female menstrual period, those who are pregnant should not be tattooing

  • In the case of minors (under the age of 18 would not be appropriate) tattoo, any cuttings with a coverage of scars, to wound completely healed after tattoo.

  • Any cuttings who instruments health must comply with health conditions. Any Cuttings must use disposable gloves and needles, if using any cuttings, and any cuttings, the lever must be a high temperature, high-pressure sterilization.


Tattoo aftercare :
  • After washing the area, pat the tattoo dry with a clean paper towel or let it air dry for 20-30 minutes

  • Once the area has dried completely, apply a very thin layer of Vitamin E aftercare, available at MasterPeace's Tattoo, which serves to heal and moisturize better than other water-based, non-scented moisturizers

  • Repeat the process 3 times a day for 3 days

  • If the tattoo is oozing or if dried blood, ink or dead skin remains, re-wash gently and air dry

  • Avoid excessive moisture to the area as this can draw out the color from the tattoo and can also create a sticky surface for foreign matter to attach itself to, encouraging infection

  • When showering, wash your tattoo last and do not let direct water-pressure to hit the tattoo

  • Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, or baths until the tattoo is completely healed

  • Do not expose your tattoo to the sun until it has healed

  • Once healed, you should apply sunscreen to protect it from the sun

  • Keep your tattoo away from dust, sand, and pet hair for the first few days

  • Sleep on clean sheets and wear clean clothes.

  • Your new Tattoo should be healed in 2 weeks


Once you have left the shop, proper care of your tattoo is your responsibility. Small amounts of colour may appear on clothing or sheets for the first few days. When the tattoo is peeling, colour will appear in pieces of dry skin. If the tattoo is in an area where it can be exposed to the air, allow it to breathe. Allowing the tattoo to breathe will help the healing. Your body and oxygen are going to heal the tattoo. If possible, wear loose fitting clothing over the tattoo and be careful not to suffocate the tattoo with socks or pantyhose.




How do I book an appointment?

Option 1:

Please contact us all by 'WhatsApp only' to have a consultation and book an Tattoo appointment directly all by WhatsApp. 


Option 2:

Please contact us all by 'WhatsApp only' to book an appointment for face to face Tattoo consultation(FOC), to drop by our shop and have a consultation(only).

How do I prepare for my consultation?

Think about everything you want in advanced and also can be prepared with reference images to show the artist. We are visual people so seeing an example always helps.

How do desposits work?

We requires a 20% deposit for all appointments; this deposit is deducted off the final price of the tattoo. Deposits are non-refundable. We accept cash & bank transfer only. If you have to reschedule the appointment, please contact us or your artist at least 5 days in advance.

How do I prepare for my upcoming appointment?

So you’re getting your tattoo soon, it's time to prepare!

  1. Maintain your hygiene! That means taking a shower and wearing deodorant. Getting a tattoo means being up close and personal with our artists, so make sure you are smelling great and feeling clean.

  2. Dress appropriately. Make sure to wear loose clothing that can easily reveal the area being tattooed. Keep in mind that tattoos on the torso, especially on the ribs may require you to be shirtless. If this makes you uncomfortable, consider wearing a button down shirt that can be flipped to reveal the area while covering your front.

  3. Eat and hydrate prior to the appointment.

  4. Do not drink alcohol the night before your appointment.

  5. Bring a water bottle just in case, hydration is important!

Can I bring my friends?

Guests are always welcome, but try not to bring a party! One or two guests only please.

These are some of the common questions we get asked about tattoos and the tattoo process. If you don’t see the info you need, you can always WhatsApp us.



MasterPeace's Tattoo Address


Sunway Velocity Mall
Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We located at Level 5 Commune

5-Room-2 & 3


Tel: 012 953 0117 (Sebastian)


(For Appointment only)



 12pm - 8pm

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